What is a Clinical Psychologist

We all want to be happy: a fulfilling and meaningful life, relationships that work, enjoyable day to day living, satisfying work…

Every person has challenges and difficulties…. We avoid facing our difficulties, sadness, loss, loneliness, confusion, exhaustion and anger thinking it is easier to find distraction with other things. At some point this is not enough, and it may be time to consult with a Clinical Psychologist.

A Clinical Psychologist can assist you and provide professional support, care and confidentiality.

A Clinical Psychologist:

  • Is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa
  • Is committed to professional and ethical practice
  • Provides confidentiality
  • Has a minimum of 6 years training, plus a supervised internship and a year of community service

What a psychologist offers in psychotherapy:

  • Support in a safe space
  • Acceptance (no judgements)
  • Neutrality
  • Skills and training
  • Confidentiality
  • Boundaried care and support

Psychotherapy offers you an opportunity to:

  • Explore and understand your situation and what is happening
  • Get a more balanced perspective
  • Start to heal and repair the hurts, loss, emotional wounds, confusions, stress and burnout
  • Build your inner strength and confidence
  • Explore and adopt healthier ways of being or doing things
  • Become more adaptable and flexible
  • Learn to reduce/prevent certain patterns and behaviours that bring you down and cause harm in the longer term
  • Learn compassion and acceptance for yourself and others