Workshops and Groups

When did you last give yourself the gift of some time out for self reflection, relaxation and creativity?

These workshops offer you this opportunity.  They take you out of your daily routine and busy-ness, and can provide a deeply replenishing space.   Spend a few hours in a workshop, or a weekend away and start to creatively explore some aspect of your life.   This is offered in a calm, safe and supportive setting.

The idea is to open up to greater self awareness, become a bit more settled within yourself, and to deepen self acceptance, compassion for self and others.  Then you can more easily develop the ability to “change what needs to be changed”, or “learn to accept” what can be (or has to be) accepted.

“Everybody has a creative potential, and from the moment you can express this creative potential, you can start changing the world.  ”                          Paulo Coelho


What are some Workshop Options

There are different options:

  • A morning or afternoon in the weekend;
  • 3 or 4 Saturdays (or Sundays) in a row
  • A full weekend in Johannesburg
  • An annual residential weekend away in the country.   Some workshops are run together with Retreat Centres in Magaliesburg, such as The Emoyeni Retreat Centre.

If you want to have a workshop especially tailored for you and your friends, please let me know and we can set this up. There would need to be a minimum number of participants.


Relaxation in the Workshops

Relaxation exercises are a fundamental part of my workshops. Being more relaxed sets the tone and allows  you to start to leave aside the busyness and stress of everyday life and challenges. It allows you to focus more fully on the present moment and really be aware of what is happening moment by moment – as opposed to being stuck in old repetitive patterns that are most often not very helpful, and in fact can be quite damaging a lot of the time.  There are various exercises which focus on different things, such as compassion, deep bodily relaxation, healing the emotions and the mind and so on.

Relaxation mostly takes the form of breathing exercises, guided relaxation and visualization exercises. These can be done lying down or in a seated position.

Creativity, Play and Exploration in the Workshops

“Just the act of being so absorbed by these processes can be deeply healing and replenishing.”

Playing and exploring using varied art materials and/or materials found in nature forms part of some of the workshops. You do not have to be an artist – you only have to be able to hold a paintbrush or pencil.     “Playing” in this way can be great fun and helps to release stress and tension, as some of us become absorbed in the creative processes.  At times participants are encouraged to do either free painting or expression (i.e. just choose a colour and, and then play and splash, dip and smudge…), or there may be a more structured exercise where different themes are explored. There is a selection of different media to chose from, such as paints, charcoal, pastels, ribbon and material, bling, wood, and so on. At times we use clay.

The idea is to have few pre-conceptions and allow the process to take you with it. Sometimes it is just about allowing yourself to play with colour, texture, form… and to see what emerges.

There is no interpretation by the facilitator, but if the participant invites the facilitator, she can help the participant explore his or her own personal meanings.  There is time to share and express what the process has meant for you or to address any issues that may have arisen.


Workshop Themes:

These are a few of the workshop themes:

  • Learning to Relax
  • Self in Relationship
  • Assertiveness and Boundary Setting
  • Releasing your Creative Spirit
  • Journalling : using mixed media (Creating your own journal)
  • The Gratitude Journal  or Box. (Creating the journal/box and start the journey)
  • Facing Myself, I take the Next Step Forward
  • Developing the Qualities of the Spiritual Warrior
  • In Search of Wholeness and Integration: Exploring Mandalas
  • The Tree of Life – Exploring the Personal and the Universal
  • In Search of Balance and Harmony: The 5 Elements (earth, water, fire, air and space).
  • Opening the Heart
  • Just Play
  • In The Freshness of this Present Moment
  • Mindfulness and Creativity

Please feel free to phone me to enquire about the next workshop