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Learning to relax

This approach is based on the principle that the human mind carries its own dignity and healing capacity which can never be permanently damaged or destroyed. This is most obviously expressed in moments of

  • relaxed openness
  • moments of calmness
  • stillness and tranquility.

Most of the time our lives are busy and stressful, and we tend to move from one experience to the next – with little awareness that this kind of relaxed openness is actually available to us all the time. This is especially so in difficult times when our body and mind tend to tighten up, and we tend to identify with aspects of our experience in a harder and more solid way, and creative choices and solutions seem limited or impossible.

Generally when the mind is in a relaxed state, creative solutions are easier to find. This open quality of mind is natural to all of us. Relaxation and awareness practices are generally thought to be helpful.

Through learning to relax, we want to build on this and help calmer states of mind to become a stable part of our day to day life.

Learning to relax is a stand alone course in which the benefits of developing calmer states of mind and body are explored and experienced. Specific relaxation/visualisation exercises are introduced as well as how to get started with the practice of simple massage and self massage, as well as other simple physical exercises.

Tara Rokpa Therapy

Tara Rokpa therapy keeps the methods taught by Akong Rinpoche (a meditation master and renowned Tibetan medical doctor) as its core, but it also draws on several well established western psychotherapy traditions. The contribution of several key professional therapists/specialists in the UK has deepened and broadened this approach (a family therapist, an addiction therapist/specialist, art therapist, massage therapist and psychotherapist etc).

  • It seeks to build a bridge between these eastern and western traditions.
  • The basis is a deep exploration of limitless compassion as the key agent of healing.
  • It benefits people of all ages, race and religions. (it is non denominational)

For more information and to get dates for upcoming courses on relaxation, please phone me on 011 794-2313; 082 294-4575

Tara Rokpa Therapy