“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do”.     Brene Brown

In my practice I deal with many different issues.I have listed them here and written a brief note on each.

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Depression or feeling down is probably the most common situation I see with clients. No-one wants to be seen as being depressed, but the good news is that most depression is treatable…

Post Natal Depression

After giving birth, there is a thin line between pure exhaustion and feeling down, and depressed. Hormones are changing, sleep is a pure luxury! How can you tell if you are just plain tired or struggling with post – natal depression…

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Probably one of the worse feelings is extreme anxiety… or that continual worrying. Mostly there is no “off” button – we just churn away. Falling asleep is hard, and having a restful nights sleep is rare. If not treated, and if external pressures continue, the anxiety may even turn into panic attacks…

Trauma Counselling and Trauma Debriefing

A hijacking, armed robbery, bad car accident, seeing someone hurt or injured, or observing an act of violence… these are just a few of the causes of a traumatic or stressful reaction. Most of us are not used to such situations and it is shocking to us …..

Bereavement Counselling

I am not sure if we can ever really be prepared for loss or death. Sometimes it is sudden and shocking, other times we watch our loved one/s suffer from illness until they leave us…